Remote DBA Services

You need your database to be there for you.  There are times that you feel like you have to care for it like a young child, treat making sure it stays safe and isn’t affected by viruses. If you have a server onsite at your business, remedy you worry about the computer – is the room it’s in cool enough?  Is the humidity right?  Is there a chance a leak from a pipe or a window might get to your computer and damage the components?  There is another option – you can have your database hosted remotely.

AKT’s services for remote database hosting are both reliable and affordable.  No more worries about the room your server is in – we take care of that for you in one of our centers in New Jersey or Texas.  No more having to have a staff that is devoted just to your server and database, stuff people who are on-call all the time in case something goes wrong.  All of that is done by us at our facilities. 

We’ll take care of your DB 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we handle all support functions necessary.  AKT can work with Oracle, MySQL, SQL, DB2, and the cloud.  We’ll ensure your data is protected from external physical threats as well as hacker attacks or viruses.  We also maintain the overall health of your DB, monitoring it for any loss of function.  Your data is kept available and accessible whenever you need it through both primary and secondary DBAs. We’ll also make suggestions for improvements, so you can run your business more effectively.

Because our servers are all US-based, we can respond quickly to any issues or to you and improve your end-user experience.  Our architecture, provided by Quest’s software, is one of the best for monitoring your DBs health.

Should you just want some add-on help, AKT can do this, too, through our supplemental DBA service. We can assist your staff of IT experts and give you support when you need it so your system runs smoothly. We can fill in any gaps of knowledge or scheduling.

Want to take your business to the cloud?  We can help you with that as well, from migrating your data to the cloud to providing upkeep and monitoring services post-migration.  We’ll gladly work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs.

No matter which method you choose, our experts will guide you along the way and lower your costs at the same time. AKT can customize a solution for you so you get exactly what your business needs.  We can do the bulk of the work needed to develop and maintain your database so you can focus on growing your business and developing new strategies.

Full DBA Service

AKT delivers 100% of your database administration needs. Under this service arrangement, we are responsible for your entire database environment's functionality, security, performance, availability and improvement. Our aim is to give your organization the peace of mind of knowing that your environments are in good hands. Primary and Secondary DBAs assume total ownership of your environment and adhere to your organization's change control practices and support procedures.

  • + 24x7 Onshore DBA Support: Reduce costs and increase database performance, security, usability, and availability by turning your databases over to the experts.
  • + Dedicated, Subject Matter Experts: Dedicated personnel that focus on the implementation and support of high availability, performance, security, and advanced database features.
  • + Advanced Monitoring Architecture: AKT's monitoring architecture is powered by Quest's industry-leading monitoring software.
  • + Customized Service Level Agreements: Our SLAs can be tailored to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Supplemental DBA Service

AKT augments your existing IT staff and provides high level support when you need it most. Our DBA Experts are there when you need them, monitoring for problems and acting proactively to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Our Supplemental DBA services allow the customer to achieve a high level of support while freeing internal resources for higher priority and higher ROI activities. AKT works with you to fill gaps in skill sets and provides a flexible team that can handle your growing needs without having to hire costly full-time resources. Companies that have hiring freezes, high workloads or inexperienced DBAs find this to be an attractive alternative to hiring additional in-house resources.  .

  • + 24x7 Onshore DBA Support: Reduce your training, vacation, and sick time costs with our 24x7 support.
  • + Subject Matter Experts: Let our dedicated experts help free up your in-house resources to work on more strategic activities.
  • + Advanced Monitoring Architecture: AKT's monitoring architecture is powered by Quest's industry-leading monitoring software.
  • + Customized Service Level Agreements: Our SLAs can be tailored to meet your organization's individual needs.

Cloud DBA Service

AKT offers a full suite of Cloud Migration and Administration Services. From the initial migration of existing database environments to the ongoing administration of cloud database implementations, AKT is able to tailor a cloud-based solution to meet each customer's individual needs.

  • + Cloud Migration: Our extensive Cloud Migration Services will ensure customers a trouble-free transition.
  • + Cloud Administration: AKT has a wide range of Cloud Administration Services.
  • + Cloud Monitoring: Our enhanced monitoring architecture allows our team to monitor key components of cloud-based applications.
  • + Cloud Benefits: Our Cloud DBA Services provide customers with a wide range of benefits.

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Advanced Knowledge Tech alias "AKT LLC", headquartered in ArdmoreOklahoma. We are recognized leader in providing high quality Information Technology Professional Services across Continental United States. With solid experience in matching industry leaders with the best talent available.

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Our Team

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Our Team are the core of our business. Dedicated professionals who have critical skills over a time. Their understanding of the needs of our clients enable them to handle complex issues with care, precision, discretion by providing right service.

Most of our employees have spent many years working for AKT, because we operate as a family, and our clients are extension of our family. We build relationships that last for generations.
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