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You need to know that your database is operational so that when you need it, cure it’s ready.  If you have global customers, seek you need that database healthy morning, noon, and night, every single day.

At AKT, we can provide monitoring services to your business that will alert you to any issues through constant analysis, and we can even predict some performance drawbacks, giving you the chance to prevent any issues.

We have a dedicated team that does nothing but monitor your database and provide solutions.  We can create and deploy a plan that will be proactive when it comes to taking care of the health of your DB.  If something does happen, you won’t have to spend anything extra trying to find a company that can solve the problem. 

We can provide monitoring to your database, your OS, your servers, or your entire network.  You’ll be notified when your server goes down, and get reports about your server’s performance.  This way you can make any changes necessary to keep it running optimally. 

Your cloud services can also be monitored to ensure that all of your information and the devices that connect to it are covered. Any loss of ability to access your customer or product information means loss of revenue, and we want to make sure you can maximize your profits.  It’s a tough enough world out there!

We also offer you the option to do self-service monitoring of your DB, so you have a monitoring service that will work best for you.  If you choose the self-service option, you can monitor your own OS and database and get regular updates on the health of your systems.  It’s fully scalable so no matter what size your business is, we can help.

While we know there are some free services out there, the adage, “You get what you pay for” applies.  Do the free services offer you the technology, know-how, and service that a paid company like AKT can provide?  We don’t believe so. We believe our years of experience give us an edge in the monitoring market.  Plus, we can be there for you 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured your network is being taken care of.  Many of the free sites poll your server every 30 – 60 minutes.  With the rapid increase in data breaches, that amount of time is more than enough for a nefarious soul to get in, harvest your information, and get back out undetected.

When you need monitoring of your sensitive information and computers, turn to AKT.  We can put our knowledge to work for you and give you the coverage you need.

AKT’s monitoring services help your organization proactively predict, analyze and prevent database availability and performance problems. AKT dedicates an entire team of personnel who are responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting methods required to prevent database problems before they occur. Since the proactive support blueprint is already in place, companies employing AKT to support their databases do not have to spend the additional monies required to create a proactive support environment.

Our monitoring support offering includes Database and O/S monitoring services in addition to Self-Service monitoring services. Whether you are enlisting us to keep a close eye on your environments or are looking to monitor your environments yourself, AKT has a monitoring solution to fit each customer’s needs.

  • Database and O/S Monitoring: AKT's monitoring architecture is powered by Quest's industry-leading monitoring software. AKT has custom-tailored Quest's back-end alert processing engine and written dozens of custom monitoring agents to allow our experts to monitor every component of the application architecture including databases, middle tier servers, and other hardware devices.
  • Self-Service Monitoring: AKT's Self-Service Monitoring Software allows organizations to monitor their own operating systems and databases, so that they always know the health of their applications and environments. This offering leverages Quest Big Brother's notification server display console to provide a highly scalable and highly available monitoring environment.

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Advanced Knowledge Tech alias "AKT LLC", headquartered in ArdmoreOklahoma. We are recognized leader in providing high quality Information Technology Professional Services across Continental United States. With solid experience in matching industry leaders with the best talent available.

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Our Team

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Our Team are the core of our business. Dedicated professionals who have critical skills over a time. Their understanding of the needs of our clients enable them to handle complex issues with care, precision, discretion by providing right service.

Most of our employees have spent many years working for AKT, because we operate as a family, and our clients are extension of our family. We build relationships that last for generations.
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