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AKT has years of experience providing our customers with the best customer service in a wide variety of technology-related fields.  We offer technical support and a variety of team services, shop too, capsule so you can find the assistance you need to run your business effectively.  We value building a relationship with you, medicine our customer, and having that relationship last.

Included in our portfolio are IT services – the development and management of information technology products and programs.  We can monitor your data, protect your server, and partner with you to develop new ideas for more efficient operations.  By using our services, we can help reduce your overhead costs and leave more time for you and your employees to brainstorm ways of improving your business. AKT has computer architectures devised specifically to maximize your business. 

We also provide team services, such as cloud solutions, DB2 service, My SQL services, replication and monitoring services, remote database management, and Oracle EBS services.  Your data is safe from external attacks and from potential environmental damage, too.

If your workforce management team needs support, we can help you with payroll administration, timekeeping and attendance reports, HR and benefits administration, personnel acquisition and management, e-learning and reporting, and scheduling.  We can provide a database structure that allows employees to access information and make changes to their benefits if needed at a time that is convenient for them.

We can help you with component services, too, giving you the ability to do work remotely across a number of products.  Each one has its own unique configuration, so you need an expert in a variety of processes to assist you, and this is where AKT comes in.

When it comes to software development, it requires an expert to not only craft the code, but also to match the right program to the right company.  At AKT, we have the requisite depth of knowledge that you need to be able to do this for you.  It also means getting help with quality controls and integration with your existing software. 

At AKT, we stake our reputation on providing exceptional customer service thanks to our combined decades of experience and flexibility.  We also have the ability to work with you, listening to you and what your business needs, and developing a solution custom built just for you. 

As you can see, we offer a number of services, making us the perfect one-stop shop for all your computer support needs.  We want to see you succeed.  We’re here to help.

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Advanced Knowledge Tech alias "AKT LLC", headquartered in ArdmoreOklahoma. We are recognized leader in providing high quality Information Technology Professional Services across Continental United States. With solid experience in matching industry leaders with the best talent available.

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Our Team

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Our Team are the core of our business. Dedicated professionals who have critical skills over a time. Their understanding of the needs of our clients enable them to handle complex issues with care, precision, discretion by providing right service.

Most of our employees have spent many years working for AKT, because we operate as a family, and our clients are extension of our family. We build relationships that last for generations.
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